Texas Counties Deliver
District / County Clerk

Tammy Hodge
County Clerk/112th District Clerk 

Hours of Operation
Monday-Thursday:  8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m

300 North Plaza Avenue P.O. Box 100                          
Big Lake, Texas 76932

Telephone: (325) 884-2442
Fax: (325) 884-1503

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    Enterprise Justice Searching for a Case (Smart Search)

    Searching for a case by entering a case number or party will search across the applicable data fields and

    return results in order of case number or party name. You can also opt to do a targeted search by other

    data fields.


    To search for a case using Smart Search


    1. From the Portal home page, click Smart Search.

    2. In the Search Criteria field, type a case number or name in last, first format.

    3. Alternatively, you can select one of the following targeted searches from the Filter by Search Type field

    when Advanced Filtering Options has been selected.

    4. There are multiple options available when you open the Advanced Filtering Options.

    • Attorney Bar Number

    • Attorney Name

    • Business Name

    • Case Cross-Reference Number

    • Case Number Note: You must enter the full case number.

    • Citation Number Note: You must enter the full citation number.

    • Judicial Officer

    • Nickname

    • Party Name

    • Protection Order Number

    • Warrant Number


    Search Hearings

    The Search Hearings page provides a user several options by which to search for a hearing. The Hearing Search feature is accessed from the Portal home page.

    Searching for a Hearing

    The Search Hearings app is used to search for court hearings for a specific date range.

    Note: The Search Hearings feature obeys configured overrides. Users will see results of only those

    hearings that they have rights to access.


    To search for a hearing:

    1. On the Portal home page, click Search Hearings.

    2. Complete the fields.

    Note: The fields that are displayed depend on the type of search that you select.

    3. If required, enter the Captcha code.

    4. Click Submit.

    Public Access

  • Where is the trustee sale held in Reagan County?

    The trustee sales are held on the first Tuesday of every month in the vestibule just inside the South doors of the Reagan County Courthouse.   The County Clerk’s Office is not affiliated with these sales; therefore, we do not have any information.  Any questions that you may have concerning these sales must be directed to the Substitute Trustee conducting the sale.